850 Third Ave

New York
Lobby and Office Renovation


The owners of this commercial office building in midtown Manhattan wished to upgrade the building in order to improve the leasing rate, which hovered at less than 70 percent. The client retained BOCA Group to oversee the capital improvements to the building, including a lobby and storefront renovation as well as a complete pre-build upgrade of the five tenant office floors. The building would remain open and operable during the renovation, so the work had to be completed with minimal disruption to tenants and visitors.


BOCA Group’s project management services team led the interior renovations, scheduling the entire project and securing the required city permits. As project manager, BOCA Group sourced and coordinated the efforts of multiple architects, engineers and contractors throughout the construction phase. BOCA Group also helped the client write new leases with tenants to ensure their needs were met while protecting the client’s interests.

The building’s dated entry wall was removed and replaced with a modern storefront, including a new exterior canopy and revolving and swing doors. The lobby received new signage, a feature wall, interior finishes, lighting and controls, flooring, furnishings, a secure card access system, and HVAC. Work was divided into phases to minimize disruption to the building’s existing tenant base.

On the vacant office floors, interior walls and finishes were completely removed and rebuilt from scratch using the building’s new set of standard finishes. Each floor also received new HVAC, plumbing, bathrooms, lighting, ceilings, carpeting, elevator lobbies and high-end storefronts in the same style as the main lobby. Some floors were pre-built to accommodate single, large tenants, while others were divided into smaller office spaces.


The facility upgrades and security improvements have made the building more attractive to tenants. The client has leased the renovated floors as soon as they are complete, raising the building’s leasing rate from less than 70 percent to more than 90 percent leased.

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