Most major cities require inspections of vertical transportation systems. However, because regulations are constantly changing, it can be a challenge for building owners to keep their equipment compliant.

BOCA Group represents building owners in their interactions with local code authorities, updating clients on changes to regulations that may have an impact on their facilities. We also schedule and perform regular inspections to ensure that our clients’ equipment is safe, operable and code-compliant.

For cases in which an elevator or escalator system is in violation of local codes, building owners need a professional on their side. BOCA Group can represent building owners in their interactions with local governing agencies, including building departments, to:

  • Research violations
  • Evaluate existing equipment
  • Identify exactly where deficiencies may lie

By giving the building owner a complete understanding of any issues and their remedies, BOCA Group helps our clients quickly correct deficiencies and avoid costly penalties.

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