BOCA Group’s 2020 Summer Interns

BOCA Group News

BOCA Group is excited to welcome two interns to our summer 2020 internship program. At BOCA Group, our interns are given the opportunity to get to know every aspect of the business while receiving targeted, hands-on experience related to their area of study. Our interns are encouraged to observe operations in the field, attend meetings,…

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Re-Occupy New York City

BOCA Group elevator & escalator consulting Empire State Building

BOCA Group’s President, Sam Sloane, was selected to represent the vertical transportation industry on the “Reoccupy New York City” panel in response to COVID-19. The panel was initiated by the New York state’s governor’s office and consisted of NYC industry professionals from disciplines such as property management, leasing, vertical transportation, health and medicine, janitorial, air…

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Traffic Prediction Plans

Estimated elevator capacity COVID-19

Estimated elevator capacity with limited cab loading scenarios (for COVID-19 office building re-occupation planning) INTRODUCTION The following is a calculated estimate (using theoretical elevator traffic analysis techniques) of how many people can be served by a particular number of elevators in group service with a particular speed, serving up to an approximate top floor, in…

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