Celebrating 25 Years: The Life and Legacy of our Co-Founder, Dan Nichuals

As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, BOCA Group is proud to reflect on the life of co-founder Dan Nichuals, through the eyes of Dan’s son and one of BOCA Group’s Project/Account Managers, Connor Nichuals. In 1974 Dan started as an apprentice for an elevator contractor and worked his way up to Vice President of Operations.  In 1995, Dan Nichuals and longtime friend and industry veteran Rick Wernon founded BOCA Group, opening their first office in the basement of a barber shop. He and Rick both had big dreams for the company, and experienced significant growth early in their journey. Within the first few years, they expanded to the Midwest, Florida, and West Coast. Two of Connor’s Uncles, John and Bill Nichuals, were also involved with the company, and they both managed the Florida region for about 10 years. In 1998, Sam Sloane joined as Executive Vice President and Director of Operations, running the construction portion of the company’s business. Over time, the firm decided to discontinue their construction management pursuits and focus solely on vertical transportation consulting.  25 years after its founding, BOCA Group has now become one of the world’s premiere vertical transportation consulting firms with offices throughout the United States and projects around the world.

Connor began learning about BOCA Group’s business at a young age. He would come into the office any chance he could, and would file and scan papers and ask lots of questions to anyone that was around.  He wanted to learn all aspects of the company’s work, and spent many late nights working on projects, reading specifications, and attending as many meetings as he could. Over the years, Connor has learned operations, sales, project management, and engineering, and has worked with Sam on some of BOCA Group’s premiere accounts and projects. His father taught him that the overall quality of work is a ticket to success, and to always be thorough and fulfill every client’s expectations.

Connor has now worked his way up to the position of Project/Account Manager.  He is excited about his role, which is designed to grow the company’s business and continue working with existing clients. He is still asking questions, eager to learn more about the vertical transportation industry and project management. He looks forward to coming into the office every day and seeing all of his co-workers hard at work, going above and beyond normal expectations, for BOCA Group’s clients. Connor is inspired by his father’s passion, consistency, drive and work ethic. Dan had a positive and tough attitude towards life, and never backed down from any challenge. He had a tireless work ethic, which is a principle that is still reflected in BOCA Group today.

Connor is proud to continue the family legacy at BOCA Group because, as he stated, “he has big shoes to fill.”

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