BOCA Group elevator & escalator consulting Empire State Building

our value proposition takes your projects to new heights

our value proposition takes your projects to new heights

about us

Founded in 1995 by two vice-presidents from a major elevator/escalator contractor, BOCA Group has over 26 years of experience as an elevator and escalator consulting firm.

BOCA Group is honored to have performed consulting services on some of the largest and most prestigious elevator projects in recent history.

BOCA Group has grown into one of the largest vertical transportation consulting firms in the United States. In addition to its national headquarters and design center in New York City, BOCA Group has branch offices strategically located in nine other cities throughout the United States.

mission statement

At BOCA Group, we are committed to providing consulting services in a manner that helps our clients achieve their goals.

We believe that building owners and managers have the right to expect safe and code-compliant vertical transportation systems, as well as proper maintenance programs to provide peak reliability and performance. BOCA Group is expected to design systems specifically to meet the needs of the building and its tenants.

value proposition

Our unique combination of project management and vertical transportation expertise makes us the company of choice for clients seeking complete, turnkey management of challenging elevator and escalator projects, along with all associated ancillary construction.

With offices across the United States as well as overseas capabilities, unparalleled technical expertise, and incomparable customer service, we have built an unrivaled reputation for quality in the vertical transportation industry.