Elevator and Escalator New Design

elevator and escalator new design

BOCA Group specializes in elevator and escalator design services for all new installation projects. We take great pride in providing our expertise to design and oversee all stages of the elevator or escalator project. BOCA Group recommends that the owner’s design team engages our services in the conceptual stage of the project to ensure efficient and successful outcomes. BOCA Group takes a comprehensive approach to understanding the vertical transportation needs of building owners, developers, and architects in order to execute a successful project. Whether it be a new or existing building, BOCA provides industry-leading service to its clients.

Our experienced engineering and project management teams collaborate to execute the project through a series of phases:

Phase 1: Schematic Design Phase

elevator and escalator new design

The Schematic Design Phase begins by performing a theoretical traffic analysis using data provided by the owner regarding planned usage and expected pedestrian flow during peak periods. The theoretical traffic calculations aid in predicting the optimal speed, size and configuration of the elevator/escalator systems. BOCA Group also includes preliminary dimensions for space planning and budgeting. 

Phase 2: Design Development Phase

With the design scheme confirmed, BOCA Group’s dedicated engineering team begins crafting conceptual drawings identifying dimensions for the car, hoistway, and machinery spaces for bidding purposes. 

Phase 3: Construction Documents Phase

Once the design is approved, BOCA Group moves forward with creating performance-type specifications for the elevator contractor’s installation and maintenance of all elevator/escalator devices. 

Our maintenance specifications ensure that the new equipment is maintained properly during the warranty period and beyond, in order to maximize the safety and life expectancy of the equipment.

Phase 4: Bidding and Negotiation Phase

After the specifications and drawings have been finalized, BOCA Group will provide expertise on any elevator and escalator scope-related questions during the bid process.  BOCA Group will review all submitted bids to compile a recommendation report and bid analysis spreadsheet.

Phase 5: Construction Administration Phase

BOCA Group oversees the construction process, ensuring the elevator/escalator contractor is adhering to the client’s desired design scheme. BOCA Group reviews all elevator/escalator submittals, and will provide comments on any RFIs or change orders related to the vertical transportation contractor’s installation scope of work. After the construction phase has been completed, BOCA Group will go on site to evaluate the installed equipment and compare the work to the original scope, and will prepare a punch-list of corrections needed. Once the project is declared compliant with the specifications, the design project is concluded and maintenance specification contract takes effect.

BOCA Group takes pride in our ability to perform and manage new elevator and escalator design projects for our clients. Our experienced personnel have the expertise to complete a successful turnover and leave our clients feeling satisfied about our performance. 

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