Elevator Door Lock Monitoring System Compliance

Effective January 1, 2020 all automatic passenger and freight elevators must be in compliance with the retroactive requirements found in Appendix K Chapter K3 Section 3.10.12 of the New York City Building Code.

To assist property owners and the industry in expediting these jobs, the Department has modified rules allowing testing and inspections of Door Lock Monitoring (DLM) work to be performed by approved elevator agencies in the presence of a witnessing agency.

For additional information, please refer to 1 RCNY 101-02 and 1 RCNY 101-07.


The Department will issue OATH summonses to building owners for elevator devices that are not in compliance with DLM requirements after the January 1, 2020 deadline. These devices will be subject to follow-up inspections and additional violations if they remain non-compliant.

The Department will take enforcement actions against non-compliant owners based on different types of inspections, including but not limited to:

  • Category 1 inspection and tests

NOTE: Applicant/Approved Elevator Agency will be required to check an applicable Door Lock Monitoring (DLM) check box when submitting annual inspection/test results in DOB NOW: Safety. If the DLM is not working or installed, the Applicant/Approved Elevator Agency must notify the Department via elevatorDLM@buildings.nyc.gov.

  • Periodic inspections (PVT)
  • Complaint inspections
  • Acceptance inspection and tests

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