Elevator & Escalator Energy Evaluation

BOCA Group has the ability to perform energy evaluation services on all elevators and escalators. Elevator and escalator energy evaluations are the best way to save energy and money and should be part of your overall elevator & escalator consulting services.

Energy evaluations are performed by BOCA Group using a calculation tool designed to simulate elevator/escalator consumption, and estimate the effect of potential energy-saving upgrades. After performing the energy evaluation, we will provide a report with a summary of our findings regarding your elevator/escalator’s consumption, and recommendations for more energy-efficient solutions.

In New York City and some other select jurisdictions, elevator energy evaluations can be used to take advantage of local rebates. BOCA Group can assist with the savings estimates as well as preparing the necessary paperwork to help you receive the maximum rebate available.

BOCA Group is proud to say that we have helped our clients save tens of thousands of dollars in rebates and electrical usage reductions!

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