New Florida ASME Elevator Safety Code


The state of Florida has adopted new retroactive requirements for elevators due by December 31, 2023.  Included in these requirements is the need for door lock monitoring (DLM), a system to monitor and prevent automatic operation of the elevators in the presence of faulty door contact circuits. As part of the door lock monitoring upgrade, Florida is mandating a third party witness (BOCA Group) to certify the performance of the equipment.  Going forward, DLM will need to be witnessed as part of Cat1 tests.

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RULE TITLE:  Florida Administrative Code 61C-5.001 Safety Standards.


Dear Elevator Licensee or Elevator Personnel,

The Bureau of Elevator Safety has adopted new ASME Elevator Safety Code A17.3-2015, Safety Code for Existing Elevators and Escalators.  Part of this new Safety Code includes Section 3.10 Operating Devices and Control Equipment, Requirement 3.10.12 System to Monitor and Prevent Automatic Operation of the Elevator with Faulty Door Contact Circuits. All conveyances licensed by the State of Florida Bureau of Elevator Safety, including those located within the 5 contracted jurisdictions must be in compliance of the above Code by December 31, 2023.  The Bureau of Elevator Safety encourages all owners of conveyances licensed by the State of Florida or any of its 5 Contracted Jurisdictions to contact your Elevator Company to discuss what your conveyances will need in order to comply with this section of A17.3-2015.

Bureau of Elevator Safety

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