Important Code Update: NYC Periodic Inspections Coming in 2021

BOCA Group would like to inform you that changes are being planned to the New York City Building Code that will affect the mandated inspection requirements for elevators and escalators.  The details of these changes are currently being discussed within the Department of Buildings and are subject to further modifications before they are finalized and passed by the City Council.  In consideration of your budget planning for 2021, we are providing this preliminary notice before all of the details are finalized.

We currently expect the new requirements will include an additional periodic inspection of all vertical transportation devices to be performed each year by a third-party private elevator/escalator inspection agency, which must be hired by the owner.  These inspections are in addition to the annual Category One tests that are already being witnessed by third party inspectors such as BOCA Group.  This new third party inspection is expected to take the place of the inspections currently being performed by Department of Buildings inspectors or by its subcontractors, sometimes called “PVT inspections.”

The details and timeframes are subject to change, but it is likely that these periodic inspections will need to be completed each calendar year between January 1 through December 31, at least three months after any Category 1 test. The periodic inspection will include documentation of any and all violating conditions and the building owner or owner’s representative will be provided with a full report of the inspection. The filing timeframe is expected to be within 45 days of the inspection. The inspection must be performed and filed by a third-party licensed inspection agency (BOCA Group) that is not the maintenance contractor.

The Department of Buildings has not yet established the filing fees for this new third party inspection, but they plan to implement it sometime during the 2021 year.  BOCA Group wants its clients to be aware and prepare for the additional expense and scheduling necessitated by these inspections.

As your leading vertical transportation consultant, third party witnessing is one of BOCA Group’s premier services. We would be grateful to assist our clients with all Category tests and periodic inspections. With additional constraints on inspection and test schedules, and more frequent inspections, BOCA Group recommends scheduling our inspection and witnessing services as soon as possible.

If you would like additional information about BOCA Group’s services, if you have questions and concerns regarding the expected changes to the NYC Building Code, or if you’d like to discuss budgets for the upcoming 2021 year, please email your account manager or contact our general mailbox at We will keep you updated with additional information regarding these requirements when the details are finalized.


Q.  Is this a requirement?

A.   BOCA Group expects these changes to be passed in the upcoming months. However, as of today, there is no requirement in place.

Q.  When will this be required?

A.   Currently there is no specific implementation date in place for this requirement. BOCA Group will keep you up-to-date on any relevant code changes as they occur.

Q.  How should we plan for this code change?

A.   Your elevator consultant, BOCA Group, would need to perform an additional site visit to perform this Inspection each year. The contractor will not be needed on site (except to open escalators). We recommend budgeting for this additional visit beginning in 2022, but please note that DOB filing fees have not been established yet, and our standard fees will be determined once these code changes are passed into law.

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