Elevator shaft maintenance. cable control

Field Inspector – Dallas


Performing elevator/escalator evaluations/inspections and check conformance with code requirements, specifications and/or client requests, noting elevator/escalator deficiencies and code violations. Provide recommendations for future upgrades.

Key Job Duties

Essential Tasks:

  • Perform annual inspection and witnessing full load 5 tests/filling out necessary paperwork
  • Perform maintenance evaluations/filling out necessary paperwork
  • Perform maintenance re-evaluations/filling out necessary paperwork
  • Perform construction service evaluations/filling out necessary paperwork
  • Perform general consulting evaluations/formulating report on findings and recommended corrections
  • Perform due diligence surveys/filling out necessary paperwork.
  • Perform other evaluations as assigned
  • Attend monthly meetings with Sr. Vice President, Partner
  • Take notes and follow up on directives provided by Sr. Vice President, Partner
  • Attend continuing education seminars
  • Travel as needed
  • Must be able to adapt to new technology used for field operations
  • Responsible to track and report billable hours
  • Communicate with supervisors and managers
  • Perform other duties as assigned


  • Code:  Knowledge of national and local codes
  • Clerical:  Properly filling out necessary paperwork for the specific job
  • Safety:  To know and follow the elevator industry handbook
  • Computer knowledge:  understanding and operating field tablet/electronic forms


Must have extensive elevator knowledge, verbal communication skills and must maintain a professional demeanor in all situations and be able to communicate with building ownership, building personnel and contractors.  The field inspector must continue to improve their elevator knowledge associated with, but not limited to, national and local codes, national and local testing procedures, jurisdictional processes and new technology.

Elevator Inspector’s license required. Local (NYC) license required. QEI elevator licenses preferred. Possess the knowledge of an Elevator Mechanic. Organizational, computer and interpersonal skills are also necessary for this position.


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