Maryland Third Party Code Update

BOCA Group would like to inform you that changes are approaching in the state of Maryland that will affect the Elevator Safety law. The House Bill 1107 that was passed and signed by Governor Hogan in 2018 is taking effect in October, 2021, whereby all annual traction elevator inspection tests will require witnessing by a qualified elevator inspector (QEI) in order for your elevators to remain in compliance with state law. For hydraulic elevators, the law will take effect October 1, 2022. 

Beginning in October of 2021, all annual inspection tests will transfer from the state to a third party qualified elevator inspector; five year tests are already required to be witnessed by a third party agency. Any privately owned traction elevator is required to have all annual and five year tests witnessed by a third party qualified inspector (BOCA Group) that is not your maintenance contractor. For specific information pertaining to this law, please reference the following website:

Third party witnessing is one of the primary services that we at BOCA Group provide to our clients, and we would greatly appreciate the opportunity to provide this state-mandated service to you.  BOCA Group is a premier full service vertical transportation consulting group with nationwide offices and capabilities. We provide a full range of services including witnessing, inspections, maintenance evaluations and audits, invoice and proposal review, as well as other services to ensure you are getting value from your maintenance program. If you are having issues with inspections, certificate renewal, or contractor responsiveness, we can assist. If you would like additional information about BOCA Group’s services, if you have questions and concerns regarding the expected changes to the Maryland Elevator Safety law, or if you’d like to discuss budgets for the upcoming 2021 year, please contact our general mailbox at

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