Teamwork building construction. Three construction workers checking the architectural plans before they start the building project. Checking digital tablet too.


Many elevator and escalator projects require at least some level of infrastructure modification, but few vertical transportation consulting companies have the construction expertise to source top-quality contractors and provide detailed management to ensure the work is done correctly. BOCA Group is the exception. For clients seeking a complete turnkey project management solution for their elevator and escalator projects, including ancillary construction, BOCA Group is the obvious choice. Our reputation for detail-oriented project management and construction expertise has earned us a leading role in many building projects, including and beyond vertical transportation.

Elevator/Escalator Projects. Modernization or upgrades to elevators and escalators typically require ancillary construction. BOCA Group provides turnkey management for the entire project, inclusive of budgeting, sourcing, and managing construction.

General Construction Projects. Our construction project management expertise extends far beyond retrofits to accommodate vertical transportation. Our general construction projects have ranged from lobby upgrades to office build-outs, high-end fitness centers, and residential units.

Project Rescue. When a general construction or vertical transportation project goes wrong, BOCA Group can make it right. We perform a thorough evaluation of your current or stalled project and engineer a solution that will get the project back on track, quickly, and cost-effectively.