The functionality and efficiency of a building’s elevators and escalators have a huge impact on the building’s tenants – and therefore, its profitability. Building owners must ensure that their vertical transportation equipment is in top condition and keeps pace with user demand. BOCA Group’s consulting experts provide the information owners need to maximize the functionality of their building’s elevators and escalators and protect the value of their investment.

Traffic Analysis. Over time, internal transportation demands often change, and new commercial tenants place additional demand on existing elevator equipment. BOCA Group’s traffic analysis services maximize the efficiency of a building’s elevator system by analyzing the building’s population and peak travel times, predicting traffic patterns, and recommending changes or upgrades to reduce wait times. We can also evaluate and predict traffic to maximize the efficiency of Destination Dispatch systems, which place passengers into groups for quick transport based on their destination.

Maintenance Evaluation and Re-evaluation. BOCA Group performs regular audits of elevator equipment to ensure that the contractor’s service meets contract terms, code requirements and manufacturers’ recommendations for routine maintenance. If violations or deficiencies are found, BOCA Group alerts the building owner and contractor, then follows up to ensure the necessary work is performed in a timely manner and to specifications. We recommend performing evaluations and re-evaluations a minimum of once annually, although many clients request more frequent audits.

Due Diligence. Before a real estate investment is made, it’s important to fully understand the condition of a building’s vertical transport systems. BOCA Group conducts extensive inspections of a building’s elevator and escalator systems to ensure they are code-compliant and in good working order, helping investors avoid costly repairs later. Clients receive a detailed report documenting the type of equipment that is in place, its performance and condition, and any costs associated with required upgrades.

Feasibility Studies. As vertical transportation needs grow and change along with a building’s tenant base, many clients wish to explore the feasibility of expanding their existing elevator or escalator systems. BOCA Group can evaluate traffic flow, physical space and existing system components, providing a detailed consultation on the feasibility of a reconfiguration, as well as the scope of work, budgets, timeframes and impact on tenants during and after implementation.