The elevator floor buttons are lining up.

code & violation consulting

Elevator and escalator codes are constantly changing, and it can be a challenge for building owners to maintain compliance, and some new requirements can be applied retroactively to existing equipment over time. BOCA Group can provide professional advice regarding upcoming code changes, evaluate current compliance with new or retroactive requirements, and help prepare a plan of action with the Client and contractor to make sure compliance is achieved on time.

When violations are imposed on the elevator or escalator equipment, building owners need a professional on their side. BOCA Group can provide technical advice and expertise to assist building owners with their interactions with local code enforcement authorities or governing agencies, perform site surveys to confirm conditions exist, or verify that violating conditions have been corrected by the contractor. In jurisdictions where the information is publicly available, BOCA Group can also research open violations and confirm the Client’s contractor has addressed unsatisfactory conditions and cleared the violations with the local authorities. By providing the owner with a complete understanding of their elevator and escalator code and violation issues, BOCA Group helps our Clients correct non-compliant conditions and avoid costly fines and penalties.