Mellon Center, Pittsburgh

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Role: Modernization, Maintenance Evaluations

Elevators: 22



Bank of New York Mellon was experiencing escalating costs to maintain and power the aging elevators at its three-building BNY Mellon Center in Pittsburgh. In particular, the elevator equipment at the 41-story Three Mellon Center building had been installed in 1951 and still employed the original relay logic controllers and power-hungry motor generators, creating high maintenance and electricity costs. Increasing shut-downs were eroding the client’s confidence in the building’s vertical transportation equipment and decreasing the value of the property, as compared to other newly modernized properties in the area. Because each of the three Mellon Center buildings had its own elevator maintenance service provider, maintenance was inconsistent and costly.

BOCA Group performed a maintenance evaluation on all the Mellon Center properties, and determined that 22 of the 30 elevators in Three Mellon Center were in urgent need of modernization. Bank of New York Mellon retained BOCA Group to oversee the modernization work. Through a bid process, BOCA Group secured skilled contractors and managed the addition of much more energy-efficient equipment, including new microprocessor controllers, solid-state elevator drives, wiring, door equipment and fixtures. Additionally, BOCA Group rewrote the elevator maintenance specifications for all three buildings in the client’s favor and used a bid process to consolidate all of Mellon Center’s elevator maintenance service to a single maintenance provider, creating service consistency and leveraging volume to obtain highly competitive pricing.

This $4.5 million, three-year modernization project gave the client the newest, most efficient and reliable electronic elevator technology available, delivering dramatic cost savings on electricity while improving reliability and reducing the need for costly maintenance. BOCA Group provided additional cost savings by consolidating elevator maintenance to a single contractor working from clear, client-defined maintenance specifications.