Stephen Spampinato Featured in Annual “People Issue” in the Elevator World Magazine

BOCA Group is thrilled to announce that Stephen Spampinato has been featured in the annual “People Issue” in Elevator World magazine. Stephen has been a part of our BOCA Group family for nearly 20 years, and has been in the vertical transportation industry for 42 years. We are thankful to have his expertise and dedication devoted to our team and our clients. Check out Steve’s recognition below.

Senior Vice President of NYC-based BOCA Group International, Inc. Stephen Spampinato has been working in the elevator industry for 42 years, 19 of which have been with BOCA Group. The inspector/inspector supervisor entered the industry in 1977 as an apprentice for Central International Elevator Co. Within seven years, he advanced to repair foreman before moving on to New York Elevator Co., where he moved up to modernization supervisor. He went on to be field supervisor at Translift, then modernization manager at Flynn Hill Elevator Co., then Garden State Metro Elevator.

Award nominator Sam Sloane, BOCA Group president, said of Spampinato:

“With his extensive experience in the industry, BOCA Group was lucky and happy to invite him to be part of the team in 2001 as a field engineer. Shortly thereafter, he was promoted to senior vice president and became the go-to-guy for all technical issues. He has been an exemplary role model in the industry due to his dedication, passion, technical knowledge and work ethic.”

Spampinato is most proud of his design role as part of BOCA Group’s team that managed modernization work at the Empire State Building. He created performance-based specifications necessary for the upgrades and assisted the building owner in selecting its partner to replace many existing elevators and escalators with new, upgraded equipment. Sloane added:

“The success of the modernization has led to BOCA Group acting as an extension of the building’s management team, overseeing all aspects of implementation and ongoing maintenance. Not only did he play a pivotal role at BOCA Group, Spampinato also played an essential role in the revision committee for the NYC Elevator Code. He is part of the team in charge of keeping the city’s construction codes up-to-date, in coordination with the… International Code Council. Through this position, he has gained a great amount of knowledge about the industry and has helped keep BOCA Group’s NYC managers and clients informed regarding upcoming changes.”

– Elevator World, The People Issue – June 2020

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