BOCA Group Team Member

Aaron Ruffins

Account/Project Manager

Aaron Ruffins is a Project/Account Manager in BOCA Group’s Washington, D.C. office. A 19-year military veteran with 6 years of experience in the vertical transportation industry, Mr. Ruffins is well-versed in all aspects of elevator service and new equipment management. Prior to his time at BOCA Group, he was responsible for the service and operations of the largest maintenance branch in North America for OTIS Elevator in Philadelphia, and also worked for the company as the New Equipment Manager in Atlanta.

He has been in the Marine Corps for 21 years and has 8 years of vertical transportation experience.

Mr. Ruffins holds a Master of Arts, International Relations and Conflict Resolution from the American Military University and a Bachelor of Arts, Communication from the University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ. Outside of work, he enjoys activities outdoors and staying active with his three daughters