BOCA Group Team Member

Regina Reilly

Testing Department Manager

Regina Reilly is the Manager of BOCA Group’s testing department and has been in the vertical transportation industry for over 17 years. Her responsibilities include managing the team responsible for processing all elevator-related and government-mandated inspections at BOCA Group, as well as conveying this information back to clients and contractors in order to ensure compliance with the New York City Department of Buildings across the board.

Ms. Reilly is especially proud of being a part of the team that developed BOCA Group’s Test Management System which streamlines the testing process from start to finish and has served the company’s success in many ways. She holds a Bachelor of Science from St. John’s University in New York City. Ms. Reilly is a licensed Filling Representative with New York City Department of Buildings and holds a Notary Republic. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling to other countries, bowling, and watching movies.